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Dr. Eugene G. Sander
University of Arizona

Photo of Eugene Sander


Eugene G. Sander is currently Vice Provost and Dean of the College of Agriculture at The University of Arizona. The College of Agriculture consists of fourteen academic departments and two schools, with research stations and offices throughout Arizona. He has also concurrently served as the Director of the Agriculture Experiment Station and the Acting Director of Cooperative Extension. Prior to his move to Arizona, Dr. Sander administratively served as Deputy Chancellor of Biotechnology Development (Texas A&M University System), Director of the Institute of Biosciences and Technology, Head of the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics (Texas A&M University), Chairman of the Department of Biochemistry (West Virginia University Medical Center), and Associate Chairman of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (College of Medicine, University of Florida). As an officer in the USAF, he was the Assistant Chief of the Biospecialties Section at the Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory.

As a biochemist, Dr. Sander worked in the field of mechanisms by which enzymes catalyze reactions. His extramurally funded research program resulted in numerous publications, presentations and book chapters. It also contributed to the education of five graduate and eighteen post-doctoral students. He has held the academic rank of Professor at all of the institutions with which he has been affiliated. He holds degrees from the University of Minnesota (B.S.) and Cornell University (M.S., Ph.D.) with post-doctoral study at Brandeis University.

In addition to his academic and administrative responsibilities, Dr. Sander either serves or has served in a variety of other professional activities. Some of these include: Vice President and Board member, Glyndon Farms; Senior Trustee and Executive Committee member, Consortium for International Development; Member of the Board of Directors, Arizona Farm Bureau; Chairman of the 1995 NASULGC Board on Agriculture Budget Committee; Moderator of the Faculty Council, University of Florida College of Medicine; and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ADEC Corporation.


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