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ADEC Distance Education Awards


University of Florida

This group was nominated by Dr. Larry Connor, Dean for Academic Programs, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida. In nominating the group, Dr. Connor noted that:

"All four of these individuals contributed greatly to the growth of the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Distance Education program. Both Cheek and Poucher served on a Task force for Off-Campus Instruction which resulted in the formation of the Task Force for Distance Education. Cheek, Poucher and Telg served on that task force. Mesecher provided leadership by implementing recommendations made in the distance education task force report........These individuals were instrumental in getting faculty to 'buy-in' to our programs. As a result of their efforts, we are embarking on a new professional master of agriculture degree to be offered via distance education."

Rutgers University

This group was nominated for this award by Dean Ian Maw. Dr. Maw noted the following about their efforts in his write-up:

"I am very pleased to submit for consideration a nomination of a very exciting new inter-institutional educational effort to develop and share computer assisted courses via distance education modalities. Under the auspices of the Mid-Atlantic consortium, the animal sciences departments of fifteen higher education institutions in the Northeast have come together to discover ways in which unnecessary duplication can be minimized and resident expertise can be shared among the institutions to enhance access and programmatic excellence in a wide range of academic, research and outreach efforts. Efforts such as these, while not common place now, are surely likely to become so in this next century and are thus deserving of recognition as they attempt to develop a new paradigm for higher education."

Utah State University

This group was nominated for this award by Lee Roderick. Dr. Roderick did an excellent job of describing what it took to transition the USU system to better meet statewide needs while allowing for regional and national coverage. Dr. Roderick noted:

"Following approval of legislative funding, the entire digital satellite system was planned, designed, and implemented within six months. During the summer of 1997, satellite receive stations were installed at 53 sites and 76 classrooms across Utah, with the hub installed on the USU campus ........By providing leadership, initiative and continuity in this major transition, USU has greatly expanded the capabilities of Utah's distance education network, and made it possible for many more place-bound Utahns to fulfill their dreams of a better life through higher education."

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Last Updated: June 20, 2002