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ADEC Development Grant Awards

$7,000 Award

Distance Programming for Teaching Crop Genetic Engineering
Don Lee and Steve Baenziger
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

This proposal creates modules that will teach two components of the crop genetic engineer process. Each component has unique features to the application of biotechnology to crop improvement.

  • Transformation Techniques for Crop Plants:
    The objectives of this module are to allow learners to: 1) understand key methods used to introduce genes into plants (particle gun, whiskers, and agrobacterium methods); 2) visualize the gene insertion events at the molecular level, 3) predict the genetic implications of specific insertion events, and 4) appreciate the random nature of these events that lead to the introduction of important new traits in crop plants. Animation will help learners visualize the molecular and cellular events and "over the shoulder" video clips will give the student the feeling for the laboratory environment where the work is performed.

  • Backcross Breeding:
    The objectives of this module are to help learners: 1) understand the benefits and limitations in using the backcross breeding method to incorporate a single gene into a genetically elite background, 2) know the steps involved and terminology associated with the backcross breeding method, 3) explain the basis for phenotypic variability observed among the parents and progeny at each backcrossing cycle, 4) visualize at the chromosome and gene level the genetic changes expected in plants as backcrossing proceeds and 5) propose the application of protein and DNA detection technology to enhance the backcrossing method. Video clips will take students out in the field and show them the methods and plants. Animations will emphasize the time demands of the process and the chromosome and gene-level changes that take place.

ADEC Development Grant Awards


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