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ADEC Development Grant Awards

$3,000 Award

Regional Internet Inservice Training for County Extension Agents
Robert Lippert, Clemson University
Owen Plank, University of Georgia

The Internet (asynchronous) approach to instruction has tremendous potential for inservice training of agricultural Extension agents. The agents can log-on to the computer and participate in the training as their demanding and unpredictable schedules permit. Since the agents are located throughout each state, Internet training eliminates the need for travel to a specific location in a state or region, thus saving time and money. Most county Extension offices now have Internet access to the World Wide Web and E-mail which makes this a very attractive training tool.

A 2-week Internet inservice training will be offered to county Extension agents in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia and Florida. An international institution will also be invited to participate in the training. The training title will be "Current Issues in Soil pH and Liming." Two previous regional Internet inservice training sessions have been successfully implemented with participation from some of these states but this will be the first time that this form of training will be utilized over such a large region. The self-contained modular topic will be applicable to these 6 states and an international location which have soils with similar properties and problems. We will expect and encourage agents to use the Web material for subsequent workshops with farmers.

Training Objectives
There are three main objectives we will accomplish with this Internet training: first, to create a Web page which will provide instruction material and serve as a catalyst for Extension agent and specialist Listserv discussions on current soil pH and liming issues; second, to determine if Internet distance learning can be effectively used for Extension agent training over a wide geographic region to teach a technical agricultural topic; third, to determine the instruction.

ADEC Development Grant Awards

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