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Dull Knife Memorial College

No policy as to intellectual rights. We are, as you know, by status a Land Grant institution, however, to date we have not done enough research to warrant a policy of this type. As we ease into the research realm, which we hope to do eventually, we will look to adopt or write a policy to deal with these gray areas of policy.

Most of the research done in our state comes from MSU-Bozeman. We hope to work in conjunction with them eventually, but currently lack the proper facilities to do quality work. Our mission statement deals more with education, rather than pure research work. Most of our faculty feels as if research is helpful to the student population, but not paramount to our existence.

Jim Hafer
Dull Knife Memorial College
Agricultural Sciences Program
P.O.Box 98
Lame Deer, MT. 59043
Phone:(406) 477-6215 ext.108
Fax: (406) 477-6219
E-mail: hafer@www.dkmc.cc.mt.us

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