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Polycom VSX-4000 Remote Control Vulnerable to IR Interference

From Robert S. Dixon, PhD, PE, Chief Research Engineer, Ohio State University:

We received a replacement Polycom VSX-4000 and the remote control still did not work. And we found it to be intermittent depending on where we stood in the room, how the unit was positioned etc. After MUCH investigation, the problem was traced to a plasma panel wall display we have that shows the Megaconference lighting bolts logo. This device is apparently emitting intense infrared radiation that swamps the infrared receiver in the Polycom. Yet it did not affect the older Polycoms. Maybe the newer ones have a more sensitive receiver, which would be good in most cases.

I have heard previously that plasma displays sometimes interfere with infrared remote controls, but now we have personal experience.

We have informed Polycom of this problem, so next time they will know what to look for.

December 8, 2003

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