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ADEC Satellite Training
Reference Page

The following training materials and resources are available here:

ADEC References:

Help with Chaparral Monterey 100 Satellite Receivers:

In all documents in this section [Brackets] are used to identify either menus or keys to be pressed; all operations described are carried out by using the remote control.

References from Other Sources:

  • Planet Chaparral, the Chaparral Company web page. If you have problems with a Chaparral receiver, check their "Technical Support" link. It has many, many answers to common questions!

  • The SatcoDX pages for North America. This site shows the channel setup for each satellite in the sky, and lists the programming on each channel. For The eastern US, use page 8. For the central US, use page 7. For the western US, use page 6. For a list of all satellites this site covers, click on SatcoDX. Click on the name of any satellite listed on these pages; it will take you to a list of every channel on the satellite and the network on that channel. It also lists the frequency and polarity for that channel, and information on whether the channel carries a digital or analog signal. There are also links to the web pages of the companies which lease these satellite transponders.

  • Satellite Journal International. This has very detailed news about new satellites and related technology, but is more than some visitors will need. You can subscribe to an email version if you like it. For subscription instructions, open one of the journals and look at the top portion of the journal.

  • Robert Smathers' Satellite Page. This has many links, but is slow to load.

Satellite Program Listings at Other Sites:

If you have other questions about satellites or the services we provide, please contact ADEC via email, or call us at 402/472-7000.


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