Basic Skills in Operating the Monterey Chaparral 100C

This page is to help downlink operators learn to use the Chaparral Monterey 100C satellite receiver. If you need to know the basics of how satellites and receivers work, see the Handbook for Satellite Downlink Operators and Meeting Facilitators and review Part One. If that document is too complex for you, for a simpler walk-through, see the document called Satellingo.

As a downlink operator, you should be able to do the following things:

If you would like to review information on how to do these things - or to confirm that your understanding is correct - just use the links below.

For more help with a range of technical issues:

For help, email Jeff Poley at ADEC, the distance education consortium.

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Author: Dr. Albert E. Powell, Jr., Colorado State University, Copyright 1998.