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Digital Libraries: Case

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Table of Contents

  • Digital Libraries: Case
  • The U.S. Case: Libraries and Collaboratories
  • Communities of Place
  • Importance of User Studies
  • Access to Libraries and Networks
  • Collaboratories
  • Tools and Standards
  • Advanced Internet Satellite Extension Project
  • Digital Inclusion
  • Concentration of Poverty Deconcentration of Opportunity
  • Concentration of Poverty Deconcentration of Opportunity
  • The “Engaged” University
  • Broadband Access to All
  • Technology Access Necessary - Not Sufficient
  • New Teaching and Learning Models
  • New Research Models: Beyond Comparative Studies
  • Attribute Analysis (Smith & Dillion 1999)
  • Blurring Research/Education
  • Advanced Internet Satellite Extension Project
  • Project Goals
  • Research objectives include:
  • PPT Slide
  • Institutions
  • References
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